Turns Toward Dawn

For all of my vision,
There have been sights my eyes could not see.
I’ve dreamed them at nighttime
Or in a morning reverie.
I’ve seen them in daydreams,
And when my trembling hands would draw near,
Those sights were like mirages
Leaving my eyes so full of fear.
But all of those visions
Never came close to looking like you.
It scares me to imagine
All of what you and I could do.

And it scares me to ponder
All the places we might go,
All the worlds we might wander.
It scares me to know
That in you is reflected
All the wishes I have hidden from!
The dreams I’ve neglected
Start to show.

And every time I hold you,
It is like holding onto a dream.
I wish for you to vanish
Like something else not so supreme.
I wait for it to finish
And find instead it’s barely begun.
I come ready for darkness
And find instead the rising sun.

And instead of an ending,
A beginning comes along.
As I turn toward the darkness,
It Turns Toward Dawn.
And the whole world is spinning,
Like a top that twirls the world is spun
And woven into the songs we’ve sung.

And the words that are burning
In our hearts will ride upon
The same tide that is turning.
It Turns Toward Dawn,
Toward a new exploration
Of uncharted new dimensions of the heart,
Let us start to travel on . . .

And on will we travel,
Though Winter freezes, though Summer burns.
We met first in the darkness
Until we saw that darkness Turns
Toward Dawn.

“Turns Toward Dawn”
© 2018 Andy Pope.