Winds of Time

On the roads I ran
Before God and man
How I searched for you –
On the silver’s hills
During winter’s chills
I imagined you.
In the worst of winds,
In a burst of sins,
I was moving on.
Vizor raised
As ahead I gazed
To the distant dawn.
In the scorching heat,
How my blistering heat
Left me staggering and sore!
How the heights destroy,
How the highest joy
Could be such a chore –
When the strength was gone,
Still the steps went on,
Till I finished finally strong:
Shaking and afraid to even knock on your door.
I had understood
You were gone for good
And they let me know
I was not to try 
Even dropping by
For a brief hello.
So in disbelief
I ran away from grief
And to the only place
Where I thought I might
If my heart were right
Get to see your face.
To the fields you fled
So to the fields I sped,
I was nearly in flight
When I saw you true
And saw the song of you
Was a song of spite.
Then the words were slung
And like spears were flung
And not a hurt nor heart did spare –
Leaving us colliding like ships in the night.
And I hang around
Every dive in town
Where I don’t belong.
And I wonder if
I ever wake from this,
I will still be strong.
For the Winds of Time
Have never carried mine
To a brighter day.
Not when every time
That the sun would shine
I turn my head away.
And these trails I trod
Before man and God
Never looked so alone!
And the faltering guides
To the future’s tides
Have all up and flown.
And between the lines 
Of these turning times
You can hear the tunes we shared
Breaking into unison
And straining alone –
Miles, miles from home.
“Winds of Time”
from The Burden of Eden
Copyright © 2008 by Andy Pope.


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