With the exception of “Anthem,” (which was composed in Pullman, WA in late 2016),  this is all music I composed in Berkeley, California between 2013 & 2016.   It was written without the aid of paper, pen or music notation software.  I composed it in the open air, when I lived outdoors.  Once I found a suitable place of my own with sufficient privacy, I set about sequencing the sounds you will hear below.  This was accomplished by way of the Garritan Personal Orchestra, as provided with Finale notation software.


The Very Same World

Sirens of Hope

The Royal Rhapsody:

Bone of My Bones

Another Round of Fear


Urban Pathos:

The Call

The Word from Beyond



Pack of Lies

Bubbles Taboo

The seven tunes below comprise a sequence I call “Friday’s Child.”  They were done using general midi sounds on Finale in the year 2008, prior to my acquisition of the Garritan.  

Let Yourself Love 


Tower of Love 

The Coming of the Lawless One

Winds of Time

Silence in Heaven

Last Song 

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