amid magic on the lawn

amid magic on the lawn
of useless longing
notwithstanding every image of the day
where the torture
of the sunlight
burns the eyelids
and the scorching heat displays mirages
once thought oases
in the wilderness of aimlessness
where chaos tempts the holy
to harness forbidden powers
of minds forever tormented
in the noonday heat

one runs but never chases
mere illusions of dreams
once sacred
now only food for anguish
and desperate cries
while we brave the heartless fire
and long to wave the wand
to see it vanish
in the distance
at twilight
at sunset
in the city
of the night

yearning always for a less elusive horizon
where the pavement meets the sunrise
revealing every secret
in the long awaited dawn
we jeer at the inevitable
and scorn the ultimate
while exploding in our mirror
is a summoned ray
descending with fervor
splitting each blade of grass
by the power of its sacred flame
thus desecrating in its fierceness
the hallowed lawn

amid magic on the lawn

Copyright © 2005 by Andy Pope