anthem for anathema

as the rejected
and the ostracized
sit among the downcast
in the arenas
of the citadels
where the citizens of the earth find hope

and the music
of the scorned
sounds throughout the corridors
of the institutes
of the infidels
where the martyrs of this age find peace>

you might hear me
when i call you
you might see me in the mazes of the marvelous
where exalted
and defiled
you once knew me in the halls of faith

in the echo
of the downtrodden
you might wander in the wiles of the earnest
where the sages
of the centuries
mark your calling in the sounds of joy

never beaten
nor forsaken
you and I will still be partisans in victory
where the critics
of the hopeless
find their solace in the guise of truth

in the hideouts
on the outskirts
we will toast to further venues of our sorrow
till the heralds
of the daystar
overwhelm us with the cries of love

Copyright © 2004 by Andy Pope