as opposed to death

biker clans with kid and women folk

rainbow skirts in the sun

studious youngster at starbucks,

inquisitive, looking around,


skate boys twirling with finesse,

black beauty all in black,

scent of oil and perfume,

homeless man not unlike myself

but older and slower,

and with a longer beard.

nice 80’s tunes resounding,

reminding of the season of my joy—

so glad the new young voters

are so much less indifferent,

glad for the race and the struggle.

studious student lets down her goldilocks,

darker friend approaches and they embrace—

good, I say, well done, Satan.

as for my part, i need not worry

but for my own night’s rest,

and say as i have said before:

i do not know at this moment

who it is to whom I should be thankful:

i only know that this is life,

and as such must be cherished,

and honored,

and preserved –

as opposed to death.

Copyright © 2008 by Andy Pope