living fire

in the depths of unknowing
where the truth only sleeps
we tossed and we turned
too restless to plod
and too ruined by pride
and too weary though wild
and still seeking yet sought
and too humbled yet hid
in the wind of the dusk
in the call of return
from the beckoning bliss
to the remnants of peace
in the ghost of the past
by the present reborn
where the height might be shattered
and the hate might be shed
further travels deterred
further darkness denied
let us plow, let us reap
let the torch be our guide
that the truth might awake
and the spirit be stirred
and the peace be revived
and the struggle deferred
discarded with dreams
and surrendered in ashes
so that gently we burn
ever gently we bless
till at last we release
living fire
and at last we release
living fire

Copyright © 2005 by Andy Pope

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