visitation of the three bears

The Three Bears entered my room while I slept,
And as my eyes were opened,
I remained motionless in their sight.

They overpowered me with brute strength,
Crudely insisting that I partake of their pleasures
Till I succumbed and surrendered,
Unable to fight them while thus powerless.

Efforts to call upon a Greater Power failed me
As my mouth was unable to form the words
Of the familiar rebuke too often given casually.

Dying to all similar causes,
I permitted them to plunder me,
Only vaguely entertaining the strange hope
That they, like the night,
Would also vanish with the dawn.

When morning came, I saw the room was empty;
And as I reached for a single puppet to embrace,
I felt again the vicarious comfort of my grisly friend’s caress
Before the fated day of his death
For lack of resisting sinful pleasures.

May he rest in peace,
And may he never again send his ghosts
To haunt me.

Copyright © 2005 by Andy Pope.