Cast of Characters

Eden in Babylon is a full-size traditional American musical with a cast of 27, in which actors playing minor roles intentionally play multiple roles.  This cast or characters is listed in approximate order of importance (not in order of appearance.)  

Winston Greene                     a 23 year old visionary, coming from sheltered wealth
Taura Taravel                           his 18 year old flame, coming from sheltered poverty
John James                              a dealer and street hustler, somewhat older than Winston
Molly Mortalis                        a burned out, sadistic social worker
Benzo Diablo                           a callous, self-aggrandizing psychiatrist
Zyowelle Greene                     Winston’s teenage sister
Koko Brown                              Zyowelle’s friend
Crispi White                             another of Zyowelle’s friends
Michael Greene                       Winston’s father
Marjorie Greene                      Winston’s mother
Xavier Greene                           Winston’s younger brother
Yolanda Greene                        Winston’s older sister
Joliarre Jackson                        an outspoken street kid with rabble-rousing tendencies
Cyrus Hornsby                          another street kid, also slightly outspoken
Timothy Williamson                a quieter street kid
The Four Kids                            four unnamed street kids: Kid1, Kid2, Kid3, & Kid4
The Three Cops                        Male Cop One, Female Cop, and Male Cop Two
The Three Inoculators             three psychiatric technicians, doubled by the Three Cops
Two EMT’s                                 a male and female EMT
Two Firemen                             two male firemen
Judge Jimson                            a female Superior Court Judge
Mr. Brown                                 Koko’s father, doubled by Male Cop One
Mr. White                                  Crispi’s father, doubled by Male Cop Two
Mrs. White                                Koko’s mother, doubled by the Female Cop
District Attorney                       (doubled by the Male EMT)
Public Defender                        (doubled by the the Female EMT)
Two Bailiffs                                (doubled by the Two Firemen)

For the purpose of creating distinct vocal ensembles throughout the show, the following group names hold:

The Three Girls Zyowelle, Koko and Crispi
The Four Kids Kid1, Kid2, Kid3 & Kid4
The Nine Kids The Four Kids plus John James, Taura, Cyrus, Timothy and Joliarre
The Birth Family Michael, Marjorie, Xavier & Yolanda|
The Pseudo-Authorities The Three Cops, Two EMT’s and Two Firemen
The Kids The Nine Kids and Three Girls combined

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