The Score

This is the basic score to Eden in Babylon.   All recordings are instrumental using Finale software, except for “Midnight Screams” which involves the fine singing of Ms. Erika Whittington over my acoustic piano, and “Turns Toward Dawn,” which is a piano solo.  Some songs have been truncated for the sake of brevity, but this should give you a general idea.   

Sirens of Hope

The Age of Nevermore

The Very Same World

Violation of the Muse

Midnight Screams

Turns Toward Dawn

Awake the Dawn

The Word from Beyond


Ode to the Universe


Children of the Universe

The Urban Elegy

All Music Copyright © 2012-19 by Andrew Michael Pope. All Rights Reserved.


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7 thoughts on “The Score

  1. Andy – It was good meeting you at Starbucks in Berkeley yesterday. I found some time to sit down and listen to your compositions. I love your melodies, harmonies and counterpoint, and the way that you develop your themes. In particular,”Hunted”, “Elegy” and “Violation of the Muse.” If you don’t know about Musical Cafe (, check them out and make contact with them. Several times a year they showcase musical theatre works in progress. It would be a good place to find people to help you develop the shows you’re writing, get some of the songs and scenes up in front of an audience to see how people respond and see where there might be work still to do. I wish you the best with your dream! Scott

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    • Hello Scott – I enjoyed meeting you as well. Thank you for giving my music a good listen. “Elegy” is one of my personal favorites as well. I have heard about Musical Cafe, and I agree upon perusing their web site that it would be an excellent place to showcase a work-in-progress such as *Eden in Babylon.* I recall being out of town the last time I saw their posting on Bay Area Theatre Bums, so I will have to make sure I tune into them more carefully next time they’re available in this regard. It seems this might also be pivotal in my emergence from the “creative isolation” that we discussed. So happy you took the time to stop by — good luck in your theatrical endeavors (you & yours!) hereafter. ~ A.P.


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