I am not a poet, either by nature or by practice.    That I distinguish poetry from lyrics, and that I identify more as a lyricist than as a poet, are functions of the brand of musicianship that most defines me.   Because of my background in the writing of musical theatre, my lyrics tend to reflect a character or persona whose identity is wrapped up in other personae with whom he coalesces and conflicts.   Because of my background in theology, my poetry tends to be that of a detached or amorphous observer, playing with religious themes.

This page contains my poetry, much of which was written in 2005 while I attended a poetry group at Lola’s Loca Mocha Cafe in Stockton, California.   I wrote poems for that group until 2008, and several of these poems were published in Midnight Pathos and Sun Shadow Mountain.  Recently I began to use poetry as a means to channel difficult feelings based on traumatic events that occurred, mostly in Berkeley, California, before I moved up to Idaho.   I have found that, in general, poetry is a good device to evoke when feelings arise that it is not always socially acceptable to express in other forms.

dark drive
amid magic on the lawn
anthem for anathema
mountaintop of gold
shaded love
shambles of her dream
visitation of the three bears
as opposed to death
The Goddess Longs
Excerpt from Insomnia
The Belly of the Whale
living fire

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