To be proposed at a later time.

But if you want a brief preview, the proposal will display two key characteristics:

(1) It will neither be the grandiose pitch for $50,000 earlier dreamed up, nor the self-abnegating pitch for $625 earlier pleaded. More like in the area of $4500, and detailed down to the tee.

(2) It will not appear to have been proposed by a person who has any practical or business sense whatsoever. It will on the other hand appear to have been proposed by an Artist with his head in the clouds.

head in the clouds

Believe me, the Artist is extremely eager not to have to keep making these pitches and proposals. There has GOT to be somebody out there who will eventually notice I’ve got a gem worthy of their investment.

So enough of these crass and disgusting proceedings! I’ll post my $4500 budget at a time when I’m feeling less frustrated, and the thought of the filthy lucre doesn’t annoy me quite so much.

Meanwhile, back to the clouds.  

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