The nine talks posted below were inspired by 19 months of intentional outdoor living.   Between April 2011 and November 2012,  I voluntarily lived outdoors in order to avoid the rising cost of rent and seek greater space and solitude for the composing of my music.  All of them were recorded in the year 2013 in a cottage that I rented for six months, before I decided to resume living outdoors. 

I present these as they are, unedited.  However, after living outside for three more years following the creation of these speeches, I was forced to decide that some of the conclusions I drew from my outdoor experience were premature.  Also, I gained a lot of new information that is not covered in the nine talks.  

In general, the first two years were exciting.  They inspired most of the musical pieces posted on the Babylon Page of this website.  But the last three years were as terrifying and traumatic as the first two years were thrilling.  During those years, the music on the Berkeley Page of this website was composed.  At the present time, I am renting a small studio near the Canadian border.  My hope is to use the studio to facilitate further speeches on the Homeless Experience, now that my musical script dealing with this same theme is complete.

Flying the Sign


Residentially Challenged

The Mainstream

The Issue of Stigma

The Issue of Time

Learned Helplessness

Spiritual Independence

A Parallel and Opposing Culture


Because of what I learned about the Homeless Experience as a result of the final three years of my street-wise sojourn, I have been inspired to create a number of new talks.  I plan to begin working on the first talk very shortly.  It is my hope that these new talks will give much more clarity and meaning to the message that I am trying to convey.  

Andy Pope
Eden in Babylon
January 19, 2018

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