4 thoughts on “After Babel

  1. Interesting article; he made some very good points.

    I don’t use Facebook. I’ll go through brief phases of using Twitter, then decide I hate it and stay away. I’ll also go through spurts of using Instagram, but haven’t used it at all this year. I’m glad WordPress feels very different for me compared to social media platforms.

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    • WordPress is more fulfilling than any of the social media platforms I know. I mainly use Facebook for work, and most people use it for recreation. So if I post a thought it’s usually a pretty serious one, though I do that only rarely.

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  2. Best thing I ever did was to get rid of all social media. I got rid of cable too. All I have now is wordpress. My life is so much simpler and happier. GOD BLESS

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  3. I guess I have to be honest and admit that I don’t have a much of a better experience with WordPress — or anywhere else on the Internet — than I do with Facebook. WordPress is better than most social media but all of them stress me out.


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