2 thoughts on “Greensleeves

  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas! I remember the title now. That groovy-melody part around 1:02 or so could have sounded very odd, but you did it really well. I don’t know how to explain this, but it just seems to flow, with the way you play it…

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  2. Hm, 1:02 was the restatement of the A part — or the statement, if we consider the drastic variation of the theme as first presented not to truly represent the “A” part, but a highly altered introduction.

    I made a mistake at 2:00 after which I temporarily lost heart and forgot what song I was playing until around 2:48 when I stopped daydreaming. I tend to space out immediately after mistakes, so as to suppress the emotional pain of having made one. ;)

    Yes, Vince Guiraldi the composer of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” lived down the street from me in Daly City (San Francisco area), when I was a little boy of 4-5 years old. We used to go to his garage which he kept open and listen to him play, since my dad was also a piano player. I don’t have much of a memory of that early period of my life, but it’s possible that I was influenced by him at an early age, because other people have made similar comparisons.

    Thanks for listening, and for your bright comments!


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