I believe that we who write lyrics and music tend to remember the music we write better than we remember the lyrics.   At least, that is true of me, and especially if the song was written long ago, and then more-or-less abandoned.

The song that is featured today is something I wrote in April of 1976 in an effort to come out of a long period of isolation and creative famine.  I remember it took me a month to write the song.   This was also the first month of my now 42 years as a long-distance runner.  Writing this song was part of a complete lifestyle change.

Since it took me so long to squeeze it all out of me, I remembered the music very clearly, and continued to remember it over the years, even though I hardly ever played it.  But I forgot a lot of the lyrics, which I never sang.

At some point in the 42 years since I wrote the song “Hermit,” I forgot all about it.  But this past week, the song for some reason resurfaced in my consciousness.  This time, it had been so long, I didn’t even remember some of the music.   But as the week progressed, I remembered more and more of it; and I practiced it several times on the piano.

As for the lyrics?  Here are the ones I remember:

Shifting back and forth
Between one reckless thought and the next,
Trapped inside a rented room
Behind a world that’s too complex.

And later:

Your life is just a rented room!

Still later:

We all need our time to think –
But how much?  That’s all I ask!
You could spend a lifetime claiming you’re close to the cure,
But when life itself is such a task,
You’re never sure . . .
Never sure . .  .

Interesting.  I was 23 at the time.  I wonder why the song came back to me this week?  I hadn’t thought about it in years.  Here’s what it sounds like.

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6 thoughts on “Hermit

  1. Hello Andy, thank you for this post, your words lit my muse again, and I have just written a poem about the rented room. There must be some kind of connection from your words to my brain lately, and whatever is the root of it, I thank you. Tirecness prevails until something like this pops up, and for the time that it takes me to type a poem I appreciate the slight sidetrack. Bless you. Haven’t listened to the song yet, but when I’m able to I will. I’ve saved your blog text to a document so i’ve got it on hand. I like your writing style. blessings and peace. Sb.

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      • Thank you, I’m glad that I can be inspired in such a sleepy state :) any brain activity in this noggin is appreciated. :) How are you doing today? (ps i’m sooo jealous that you have a quiet home with quiet neighbours. i’d love that here too. hoping, working towards it). Bless. Sb.

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