Ode to Song

“Ode to Song” A.K.A. “Face in the Town”
from The Burden of Eden
Copyright © 2008 by Andrew Michael Pope.

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  1. Tim Kientz says:

    Thank you once again Andy. That was balm for the soul. I was reminded that we are all on this journey called life. We must get better at recognizing our “sameness” and to not dwell on our differences. Today is a good day.

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    1. A.P. says:

      Thanks, Tim! Yes, today is a good day. Pleasant spike in the weather, no?


  2. lynnefisher says:

    Lovely Andy – got to give you an exclamation mark!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A.P. says:

      Oh, no – not one of *those!* Lol thank you Lynne. (I use them sometimes myself, though I sparingly. Coming from one so discerning, it certainly means something.) Cheers –


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