Turns Toward Dawn

Cooper Knutson and Keva Shull singing the song “Turns Toward Dawn” from the new musical Eden in Babylon at a rehearsal this past Tuesday afternoon.   I’m on the Baldwin GP-190 concert grand, and we used one “snowball” mike, situated approximately twelve feet away from the piano, with the two of them standing six feet apart on either end.   It’s raw and real — I hope you enjoy it.   

Andy Pope · Turns Toward Dawn

Please donate to Eden in Babylon.


  1. Ken Dowell says:

    Sounds good Andy.

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    1. A.P. says:

      Hey thanks Ken, and thanks for listening. I think they both have a real grasp of the song & they do a great job.

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    1. A.P. says:

      Thanks, Ashley! I was very encouraged hearing this yesterday afternoon, not two hours after I’d posted the previous entry.

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      1. ashleyleia says:

        I would imagine so!

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